Keyboard controls are a no-no

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but playing with WASD and doing the nameless pass platforming where you have to jump from hanging cage to cage to free the prisoner made me want to punch through my monitor. The second cage is nor down, nor diagonal. So I can only press A and S and adjust mid jump. Took me a dang 40 minutes cause I kept falling and dying. Maybe move that second cage a bit to the left/right.

If you hold shift, you’ll run toward the cursor. Likewise, holding Alt causes you to walk toward the cursor.

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if you switch to alternate keybinding it not that bad for the platforming.

Welp, good to know for next time, thx!

You should list this as a spoiler, because not everyone realizes how to free the prisoner, because the door asks for a key. Now, of course they realize what they need to do. :slight_smile: