Fall damage and punishing jumping puzzles

I have idea too many times to fall damage. I have to say it but the jumping puzzles are too hard, the platforms and walkways in the game are too small/narrow. Can we please have wider platforms and walkways, the game doesn’t need to be this hard just because fall damage is a thing. I can’t be the only one finding it difficult to navigate the game world and complete some events because the character positioning is so finicky. Thank you

100% agreed here as keyboard and mouse user (KBM). Realistically, KBM users can move in 8 directions using WASD. Moving with the mouse is not intuitive.

If there are diagonal movement puzzles it would be nice QoL if we could finish the puzzle with any diagonal combination like:

  • W+D

  • D+S

  • S+A

  • A+W

Especially the jumping puzzle in the prison area is so frustrating. I don’t want to have to resort to Alt/Shift and my Mouse to indicate where my character lands when jumping. I should be able to reliably achieve this with WASD alone.

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the worst thing about jumping parts is, that you can not pan the camera. you sometimes do not see where you jump or how far the jump is.

in addition, when planks/tree trunks are involved, your character sometimes does not “stick” to the beam. on one spot in the nameless pass prison there is a beam you have to walk up after a jumping puzzle, that is only traversable when doing tiny steps left and right in succession. walking diagonally does not work.

this all makes it super frustrating. i hope there will be an option to at least pan the camera or swing it slightly left and right, to judge directions and distances better.

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Do you mean in general or as it is implemented, with the first i would disagree, with the latter… well yea, that is right. :slight_smile:

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Wicked’s world has a lot of verticality and such environments present a good foundation for jumping puzzles and/or segments. The difficulty of each segment should be appropriate for the intended idea behind the area/puzzle. However this does not mean they all should be easy, or that there should be no fall damage.

As a mouse and keyboard user I used to struggle with parkour sections when I started playing. Some segments are difficult to navigate with WASD.
That said, after I tested different controll settings I found one that works for me; now I use SHIFT and run to mouse location. With this option I can run across planks in any direction without falling and any jump is executed the way I want it.

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