This jump feels really unintuitive

In Iova’s Cavern right after you fight a giant there is a jump, which you have to make in the direction of the camera. The problem is the camera itself: you don’t really see where you need to jump unless you get really close to the cliff and risk falling down, and even if you make the jump slightly off, the trail suddenly goes to the left and you just fly over it to the bottom.

It would feel better if the trail could be adjust to be more visible and linear, or if the jumping mechanic was a bit tweaked, for example if you could also jump from the walking animation or if your character would automatically enter hanging animation if the fall would prove lethal.

I had to quit playing tonight because of this Cavern and using Keyboard and Mouse to move. This particular jump sent me over the edge. I feel like a lot of these pathways and jumps were designed with a controller in mind, but not everybody is going to be using a gamepad on a game that is on PC.

We really need to be able to rebind the keys in addition to the jumping getting a tweak. I know the Devs don’t want it to be as simple as walk up to the edge and press a jump button, but in its current state its just causing unnecessary deaths and time waste.