Iona's Cavern jumping puzzle

The LSD platforms in Iona’s Cavern are way too sketchy. Sometimes you make the jump, and other times you dont. Even when you think you have the jump lined up, even took the time too aim at what you think is right, it could be a complete miss. Taken me far too long to complete this cave, considering killing the enemies where rather easy.


I am constantly dying on 1 of them.
Its after you kill one bigger dude. There is a left turn and then you need to jump on one and I always miss it. I gave up from this quest for now…

in the first patch, the jumps were fixed and made more better.
It’s sad that I went through to the patch, and I fell 200 times in this cave :slight_smile:

Despite the supposed fix, there are still two jumps which are extremely sketchy and unreliable, and it’s entirely because you can’t precisely align your character before the jump - neither of them is under time pressure, but you can neither see your precise facing, nor control your facing precisely. But the jumping mechanic goes off your precise facing.

I would strongly suggest there’s some auto-targeting for jumps like these, where if you’re within like 15-30 degrees of the right angle, you automatically jump on to the platform - also more landing space so there’s no chance you sprint off them when you land, because you have to hold the sprint button to jump, but if you release it too quickly you roll, which is… annoying.