Item drop behaviour doesn't feel good in NRFTW

One of the main factors in ARPG is the loot and it’s drop behaviour.

Usualy fighting enemies rewards you with random loot and sometimes they drop something good for you to progress your own character.

In NRFTW the game doesen’t reward you for fighting normal enemies.

Not a single weapon or armor drop after 6 hours from a normal enemy, only from the boss, sometimes out of a chest…And some of the normal enemy groups are tougher than the boss himself.

Additional to that there’s no chance to reset the boss or to respawn enemies to “farm” for gear.

Combined with the expensive repair costs + low currency drops the loot/item part of the game feels very tedious atm.

After 6 hours I’m fighting with my fists atm becasue all my gear is broken and the weapons I have are not that great compared to fistfight (Greatsword f.e.)

Suggestion: Enemies have a higher chance to drop the armor/weapons they wear (random rarity, rares being realy rare)…ofc they can drop other armors/weapon types awell but the chances for the equiped gear are just a bit higher.

And it sould be possible to reset areas, so enemies/chest respawn and we as player can grind the areas to equip ourself proppperly (For the next big bossfight f.e.).

This way we have a constant way to farm for upgrades and can even targetfarm certain things (prefered weapon type f.e.).

Because if you want to make a innovation in the ARPG genre the main factor (loot) & the farming has to feel good.

I’ve seen them all come and go since Diablo 1 release…If the loot is boring and/or the drop behaviour bad the rest of the game can be perfect but still fail only because of this 1 particular factor.


Haven’t played 6 hours yet, but I’m kinda bummed out every time I kill a difficult pack of enemies and they drop NOTHING.

I mean: give me some copper, or some materials, or some rubbish I can sell (not too often on this one).

But not NOTHING :melting_face:


You definitely find an NPC who will freely repair your stuff early on. But it’s true that the loot system feels non existent.

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I think it’s free until you defeat the first boss…after that you have to pay for the repairs.

At least I haven’t found a NPC who does the job for free after the first boss, so could be wrong here. :slight_smile: