Islands and Mainland travelling by boat later in the game?


When i first started playing the EA version, because of the intro i was hoping that later in the game you will be able to travel to different islands by boat later in the game and to the mainland.
So i put it as suggestion and question. Will there be a world map with islands and mainland you can travel to? This would be so cool. Because the early access island is so big, maybe they want to put the whole game on one island? I really hope there will be boat travelling and that a dev will answer. Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m 100% hoping for a Fight on the Water. Maybe fight off Boarding ships and sea monsters? Could be a Crucible Level.

I’m so in to jump back on to a ship and do some sailing.


I think there will be only one island, except the dlc released in future, like “ghost of Tsushima”. no travelling for players maybe.
there is a whole island map on the wall of combat hall. if you find that map, you will know the size of island roughly.
I guess it’s big enough for player’s exploration, and the dungeons in future aren’t be mentioned.


The current game world is so small :grin:
But yes, i would love to have action on the water, like in valhein build our own ships :star_struck:


I remember Thomas mentioning something about being able to go to the mainland. Think it was on X somewhere.


In fact, it would be cool to go to some dangerous island, on a boat, where some legendary special weapons and a boss would be waiting :slightly_smiling_face:


There is possible MULTIPLE locations (Islands) coming.

If you look at the center of town it’s a WORLD Map, and the red is Sacrament. There are many other locations around it that don’t appear to be Nameless pass and Orban Glades so I’ve been thinking we’ll visit all the places they are saying in Lore which could be other Whole Maps. I could be wrong.

We were even hinted in the lore as climbing into the clouds. We have an endless climbing ring that surely backs up this claim we are going to the heavens.

This map…I think Red is Sacrament and the others may be other “Sacrament-like” cities. Maybe