Faster Travel and Hub Traversal feedback

Hi Devs, wanted to give this feedback after completing most of the available content. For as deep and well crafted levels (props to the level designers) this game has, I really wish there was a quicker way to move around the map. Your maps are thick with areas to move around in, and though I appreciate unlocking shortcuts, I find it time consuming to revisit areas to a degree that I don’t enjoy it.

We are given the ability to unlock Whispers, but it only really functions to go back to the main hub and back to the last whisper we just teleported from. With a game with this much traversing, I would appreciate the ability to quickly get around should I choose to. I appreciated it in Elden Ring, I appreciated it in Dialblo games, and it’s what is sorely missing for me in this game.

Perhaps it’s the Dragon’s Dogma 2 approach to encourage players to not have to rely on teleporting around and to appreciate and take advantage of the moment to moments of this game whether it’s gathering, finding new areas you missed, or fighting respawned enemies. However, using Elden Ring as a case of how they succeeded, I wanted to explore very often or revisit areas very often, but man did I also have time when I wanted to just revisit a specific area without the hassle. I think like Elden Ring, you all created a game where I do want to manually revisit areas, but if I need to quickly gather resources in an area that I marked on the map because I am low on resources for food for big boss moment, then I don’t want to now have to spend more time on gathering said resources because I to teleport back to the main hug, and then run all the way to my map marker to gather said resources, when I just want to quickly do it so I can get right back into this boss fight.

I know having to teleport from any whisper to whisper would fix this for me, so I hope there is something there y’all can work with.

On a different, but similar topic of getting around: getting around the hub area is also sort of a pain. I appreciate the immersion and the visuals, but when I just want to get to vendors, smiths, my house, etc…it’s a bit much. Monster Hunter World for me did a decent job with this and you can teleport to them if you are extra lazy. The downtime from the main gameplay loop of being here isn’t working for me here. While the verticality works so well in the main adventure of the game, when you get to town to replenish and unload, the time it takes to do it all is sometimes a nuisance. For example, prior to getting your house, you have a room to deposit your loot. Instead of being right next the whisper, I have to run by the bounty dude (who repeats the same line more than anyone for me) get inside the tower, aaaannd then run up the stairs, and into the room to drop my stuff off. Then runnnnn back down and around back to the whisper. That’s a bit much especially if this is what you may do after every time you need to. Getting a house is not much better because you have to run to those as well! It’s somethin g that Diablo 2 and 3, Monster Hunter World and Rise does a better job, and I think worth looking into to help with the flow of the game.

I think some areas worked better than others. I thought getting back to the shallows from town was quite fast, for example, given the number of shortcuts that could be unlocked, and the density of the area before it.

On the other hand, I found getting back to the top of the mountain was more obnoxious. That being said, though, I’m pretty sure there are still a few shortcuts we can’t actually unlock in early access, and some of them appeared to be somewhat linked.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing multiple really dense areas (like Sanctuary, but maybe with a few minor improvements / additional shortcuts) and the ability to fast travel between just them.

The devs have mentioned unlocking additional methods of travel that just aren’t in the game yet, but are being tested, for what it’s worth.

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Ooh thanks for the heads up (and thank you for reading through my grammar errors :sweat_smile:). This is good to read. I had a feeling they wouldn’t allow just teleporting from whisper to whisper since they didn’t allow that from the start, which is why I suggested that there may be something there. For example in my scenario alone that I brought up where I want to visit map marker to replenish on resources is a bit time consuming. I do enjoy the process of getting around and interacting with the game, but when I really felt this was when I was in the middle of a boss fight and I realized I was short on resources. Having to spend the time to pick up said resources kinda ruined that high of wanting to get back into the boss fight.

I really hope there is a balance they can find here.

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