Inventory, respec upgrade mats

i dont mind grinding the mats etc to upgrade the buildings etc but the constant fighting with the inventory space is a joke my bags are full all the time and there is way too many upgrade mats to gear and armor so many gems etc etc. and not knowing what we need it is so stupid to not have space or option to make bags or something to make the actual game play more enjoyable fighting with the bags space thinking what i need is pain.

i know you guys say every choice matter but why would you not give a option to respec??? make it harder after few times but now it is just punishing player and not give any chance to find out what style you like.

i never could understand why game makers do this don’t you want to make game enjoyable? sure keep it hard but not like this. this could be soooo good game im loving it all but the inventory fights etc. why the chest need to be hard place just make it more simple and you have great game.