Inconsistent Hitboxes in Knocked-Down State

First, apologies in advance if this is already flagged / resolved!

Issue: Attacks seem to inconsistently hit / whiff on characters that are in a knocked-down state.

Example Clips:

(1) Enemy’s attack lands on knocked-down player:

(2) Enemy’s attack whiffs on knocked-down player:

(3) Player’s multiple attacks whiff on knocked-down enemy (I hope this is not intended):


Yup, known and we’ll fix that.


Nice! Thank you for confirming (and kudos to the team!) :raised_hands:


I also spotted this, enemy whiff through the player while on the backstab animation, somewhat strange when enemy can whiff above knockeddown player and still do the damage.:

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This is likely intended, since the player is locked-in to that animation; maintaining the hitbox would be overly punishing for player’s willingness to engage in the backstab mechanic.

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