Animations not playing correctly for enemies entering from off-screen

Check out this dude, recording from current version a few minutes ago:

This has happened for me a couple of times in the recent patch, in all cases the trigger seems to be new enemies entering from off screen while already in an attack animation such as a charge. The initial animation doesn’t play out correctly and is unlinked from the hitboxes, presumably because the start of the animation happened off-screen. After the first attack animation they work normally again.

This is probably related to the performance tweak which stopped the game from retaining the positional data for enemies which aren’t on screen, whatever it was which caused all the T-poses recently.

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Correct. This happens with the Fallen as well where they will slam their weapon down 3 times off screen (audio) and when you walk over it will show them slamming it down again with no audio. Animations do seem to have issues off-screen to on.

I have not tested to see if the “fake” attacks are still physical.

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