Certain enemy attacks have weird parry windows and hitboxes

It happened on that large male with a great axe who throws fire bombs. I use a greatsword to parry and almost all of his parry windows are very confusing, as if it’s later than the actual animation (meaning that I can only do a successful parry after I saw myself get hit by it, but I didn’t take dmg and the parry was succeeded), this also happens on many enemy’s thrust attack, especially if they use a spear.

Another thing is that great axe enemy I mentioned above; his dmg hitboxes seem to “linger on” for a sec or two after his attack animations have ended. if he does a downslash and I dodge it with a roll to his sideways, he then turns towards me (which he shouldn’t because he’s still staggering from that downslash) and then somehow I still got hit just by making contact with his model(or weapon model). this also happened whenever I was using my greatsword’s thrust attack, the whole process was really weird and made me feel like the attack animations and parryframes&hitboxes were not synchronized.