Improved resource management and crafting system

Hello, I would like to share my thoughts on resource management and crafting. In the endgame at the blacksmith you can easily buy ready-made ingots, it completely kills the need to farm ore. Why not remove them from the sale and make a system of “Tiers” for crafting? For example, you craft a copper ingot, further, to craft 1 iron ingot you will need to have 1 copper ingot and 2 iron ore. For silver ingot you need to have 2 iron ingots and 2 silver ores… (I write the amount of ore and ingots needed for example). The problem is that already at level 20 completely disappears the need to farm low-level ore, this part of gameplay becomes useless, because the ingots can be bought from the blacksmith very cheap, so I propose to remove them from the sale.