The crafting grind in this game is a bit out of control

The crafting grind in this game is a bit out of control. I did the entire first tier zone and second tier zone, with all the bosses, and I still have 10 upgrades that use copper ore and pine wood. And I’m not ignoring the ore spawns, it’s just that the game isn’t giving me enough copper ore.

I understand that the game has a “survival game” component to it, where I need to gather materials, but if I’m strong enough to finish an entire zone, then it should be unlocking that zone’s materials, or allowing me to somehow convert higher tier materials into lower tier materials.

As the game is now, I feel like I should just ignore the resource grind, just upgrade the smithy every tier, and ignore the other buildings, even if the other buildings might help my character.

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Or you just go again to the first Area T1 and farm Cooper and Pinewood.


While I find the cost for a single crafting building ok, I also find it significantly too grindy to construct all of them. It’s like they added so much crafting buildings, that one could spend 4 maps just on that single item tier instead the one we currently have.

I’ve run through parts of the T1 area more than once, and even tried prioritizing the cave areas, in hopes that it has a higher chance of copper spawns, but it’s still a slow process to gather copper ore.

As long as a have a currently upgraded weapon, I can just ignore the other grinding mechanics, and just use the large amount of saved time to learn to dodge better.

You can buy copper ingots for 12 copper. It’s quite cheap.

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The building guy wants copper ore, and won’t accept copper ignots.

To actually summarize what happened, is that I initially gathered copper ore, turned almost all of it to copper ignots for upgrades, then discovered I needed a massive amount of copper ore for upgrades. Then I discovered a vendor that would sell ignots but not ore.

So it kinda of feels like a trap, when the game quickly offers to convert your ore to ignots, when the character would be better off not doing this, and just buying the ignots from the vendor.