Tools could have different tiers that affect resource gathering

I’ve just reached an area where I can start using Iron tools and it got me thinking of a possiblity that maybe higher tier tools can help produce more or better resources. Or maybe there can be upgrades that can be applied to them to improve this aspect of the game.

It feels fine as is for now, especially in the early areas, but with how few resources drop from trees or ore deposits, something that would modify the whole process of resource gathering might help make it feel less tedious.

However, if this is already something in the game, then I haven’t seen it yet. Just a thought that came to mind as I’ve seen a few people here and there saying they’re not a huge fan of how little the return is for resource gathering. I also ran into a moment where any Sacrament projects I wanted to complete had to be put on hold because I had used up all of the copper deposits (that I know of) and I’m not sure how long their spawn rate is.

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