Gathering Resources and Tools Need Rework and Repair Suggestion

I feel that gathering resources and associated tools need work (in no particular order):

  • Expand or eliminate the carry capacity restriction for materials. There are way too many resources for the capacity provided by default and even after using two ichor to expand it (sucky reward for a boss by the way). Keep it for other things like weapons, armor and consumables
  • Keep durability on items like armor and weapons but take it off of tools or allow for them to be individual repaired in the field in some manner other than repair powder
  • If the durability is kept for the tools, don’t require a repurchase if the tool breaks, let it be repaired
  • Let the Blacksmith sell axes. I can get picks and shovels and axes that serve as weapons but I can’t buy an iron axe. Maybe this is an oversight? (level 2 smith)
  • Give more control over repair. Allow the player to repair individual pieces instead of only “repair all equipped” and “repair all”
  • Iron shovel animation is odd in that it halts as you dig and then there is a lag before it digs again which is odd
  • Reduce gathering time. I get it should be slow, but good lord it is too slow
  • When the item is released in the gathering animation, don’t require the player to loot what they just took the time to get. Just put it in our inventory. The extra input is just annoying
  • Weapon recipes need better explanation of what they will make. Furniture seems to provide those details well.
  • Storage in general needs some attention in town

If I think of anything else I will be sure to add it. Love the game and its potential!