In a game that demands resource gathering, don't limit our ability to do it!

This game demands we gather this resource and that to upgrade, to buy a house, to do quests, to do almost anything of substance. In this regard, two points: First, your shovel/pick axe/rock chipper should either not have a durability component, or should take A LOT longer to break. As it is, you use these tools for a few minutes and they’re already about to break.

Second, your resource inventory should be unlimited. It’s not fun to to try and pick up an item you’re required to get only to see an “inventory full” message. You are then forced to have to either store your item back at the hub (which is limited itself in space), not pick up the item, or consume another item to make space, etc… - all bad and unfun choices that distract you from the main event. You end up having to farm just to create extra storage which is not a very fun benefit to grinding.

Even going through the tedious process of buying storage isn’t helpful because you need resources to craft everything in this game and you can’t access items in storage when crafting because they have to be in your personal inventory at the time. So you either have to keep going back and forth from storage, or you simply forget you even have the item because you may not realize its significance when you put the item in storage in the first place.

This whole resource management system needs an overhaul if the goal is to keep players playing and not being frustrated at the least fun aspect of this game.


Agree. I don’t get what the intention is. Even after maxing my resource inventory it’s still no nearly enough for the amount of different things that count as resources.

The game manages to turn finding a new item on the ground into a punishment: “which one of my stacks of resources do I sacrifice to grab this thing”.

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I agree. I think in the meantime, the chest in the rookery lodgings should have its inventory size increased significantly while they work out a long-term solution.

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About harvest tools, merchants in town sell only pickaxes and shovels. Now I struggling to find woodcutter’s axes.

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I found the tools of the third tier and do not notice that it breaks at all. The first pickaxe does not produce iron well and silver is very bad…

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