Implementation idea for respec system

The player gains respec points, say 1 per 200xp, up to a maximum of 3 held at a time. That’s it. This is the whole system.
Let me explain why this would be better than any other alternative:

  • Accessible from the get-go, takes some of the stress off the new player by allowing them to make bad decisions, encouraging experimentation with different weapons to find their play-style.
  • Keeps the importance of player decisions. It doesn’t allow you to switch from mage to barbarian on a whim, but it still offers the valid option of gradually retraining.
  • Respec systems where full reset is allowed, let player refit stats for every encounter. Proposed solution addresses that.
  • If respec points are granted by items then there is problem of item hoarding (to effectively perform full respec). There is also problem of either rarity/loot tables/rng dependence, or easy access to infinite points if sold by an npc. Tying the respec points to earned exp avoids these problems. Max limit addressees hoarding/pseudo-full-respec issue.