Ideas and suggestions

These are the things I have come across as being frustrating or in other ways I would like to see changed.

  1. Please let us learn recipes while said recipes are in a world container. Nothing worse than having to discard an item just to learn a recipe.

  2. Please add a slight highlight around a chest in your house to better show which one you are interacting with.

  3. Please add a system that switches to your next best healing item once you run out of the currently equipped one.

  4. Please make us able to set crafting/upgrading quests that list the required item(s) for the item we want to craft/upgrade in a HUD overlay or in the objectives tab.

  5. Please in some way indicate better that an utility item is about to break. Sound, exclamation mark or something.

  6. Encountered an issue where windows virus and threat protection falsely marked the executable as a trojan. Launching steam in admin mode bypassed the problem, but a fix for that would be great.

  7. Very small, almost unnoticable, ledges - especially in the crucible, will halt special attacks leading to very unfortunate outcomes (death). Tweaking these so that they do not obstruct forward movement during special attacks would be great.

  8. Inspired by other user: Please allow for items for crafting/upgrading to be pulled from storage. Running home because you forgot one copper ore sucks.

  9. Echo boss in the crucible seems a little overtuned compared to the rest of the crucible. Will have to do a few more runs. However after 9 attempts at the boss, the crucible itself has become nothing more than a time sink with little to no effort required.

9.5 There are simply too many floors in the crucible compared to how easy it is vs the boss fight. Either lower the amount of rooms or award a “straight to boss” item that skips all the floors after getting to the boss x amounts of times.

  1. Please add an option to compare gear.

  2. I believe after the changes to durability you no longer get a durability warning, at least for gloves.

  3. Please please please do not make it extremely difficult/expensive to re allocate skill points. We spend a lot of time decorating a buliding up a house making this world and character our own. A lot of fun in these games is trying new things, but forcing people to make a new char to do so works against the whole housing, decorating thing.

Will add to this as I explore the late game.


Totaly agree with 3. Switching to mushroom when I have so many good food in the inventory feels wierd, and may be very frustrating in combat situation !