I would like to see an increase in difficulty in the midgame

Well, I’ve already played the game for 21 hours and I can say the following. The game has become incredibly easy and uninteresting. The difficulty that was in the first 10 hours of the game was enjoyable; I had to make an effort to win the battles. Now, I just need to press 1-2 buttons and I win. The game needs an increase in difficulty in the midgame and beyond.


What build are you running? This feedback isn’t specific enough to be that helpful. I started a new character and then when it got easy midgame again (upgraded mesh armor really ups your tankiness) I took them into my highest level characters realm. :slight_smile:

I also would like to see a realm difficulty increase similar to Diablo. I’m sure it’s in the cards!

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I think same. The game is too easy for me. I would love to have 3 difficulty levels
Easy = losing nothing on death, durability is 999 on every item and mobs have less hp and dmg
Medium = as it is now
Hard = durability of tools 50 and mobs have more dmg and hp. Increased mob density

  • Hardcore mode = mobs hp and dmg x2, exp gain x2 and money from selling items x2. Increased mob density a lot

Everyone would be happy with it i think


I’m using the two-handed sword that belonged to the first boss. I sharpened the sword to the maximum possible, it has 4 active abilities, as well as the effect of vampirism with a small chance. Also, I have 490 armor, 36 balance, 78 stamina and 150 concentration. Two rings that increase attack speed by 10% (20%) of two, and each of them reduces stamina consumption per hit by 16 and 17% (33%). And one ring that increases armor by 14% and all damage dealt by 17%. Also, each piece of armor has its own additional. properties such as (additional armor, endurance, increase in overall speed, etc.)

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Well, the game is completed as far as possible now. I played for several hours in the Cerim challenge tower, and this is where the game was able to give me a challenge. Thanks to the developers for the enjoyable endgame, I look forward to further updates.

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Yeah great breakdown; I had an almost exactly similar build and used the same speed\stamina rings however I still haven’t seen an armor\damage ring! That sounds incredible.

Yeah good luck on the dungeon! After I got all my level 21 plate armor and a 42STR 2hander I thought I could waltz in and wreck but it’s still pretty punishing. I think if I had some really good magic\curse rolled plate versus gem installed plate I could really steamroll in there, however now I’m leveling up my INT alt and maybe relying on focus abilities will be safer and easier.

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das Spiel ist gut aber die sind trotzdem schwierig zu besiegen was Boss betrifft und was wenn du unterwegs bist die meisten NPCs sind schwierig zu töten empfehle ich ein bisschen das Spiel leicht zu machen also nach stufenweise das würde ich mir wünschen und nicht sofort wenn man im Spiel ist das Boss nicht zu besiegen können obwohl man gute Ausrüstung hat aber das macht für mich keinen Sinn das ist meine Frage ob man da irgendwie was ändern kann ich sage schon mal Danke im voraus an dem Entwickler

Same issue here. The second boss I tried was too difficult at first, so I applied some upgrades to my armor and weapons. After that the boss was better doable, but still hard (in a fun way!). But after the boss, I found out that I could pretty much one-shot all enemies or tank them long enough to prevent me from dying. This wasn’t possible in the early game, which was a lot more fun in my opinion.

I’m running a gnarled staff that’s upgraded roughly 8 times with only the fireball rune. Apart from that my armor is optimized for Focus gain and I have a ring that gives a 12% increase in rune damage. This gives me a build where I go in for a few melee attacks to generate Focus, and then back off to do some fireball damage, and repeat. This was extremely fun early, but now only the melee damage is enough to kill one enemy and I can use the fireball for the second enemy.

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Wait till you get weapons and rings with “life on damage dealt”. Then combine it with stacks of “increased healing effect” on your armor pieces and you can become pretty much invulnerable.

There are other OP affixes such as “gain focus on spending focus” for “spell casters” which can turn the game into easy mode.

I think the devs should take a hard look into such affixes and rebalance them or maybe just outright remove them from the game since they can turn the game into something else.

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