I actually like the idea of "This isn't a hoarding game"

I’ve come across a lot of posts and people that complain that they don’t have infinite or not enough storage space, and that it is tedious to manage inventory. And I too struggled super hard with this in the beginning. But eventually i figured:

just stop hoarding everything^^

farm the things you need RIGHT NOW. the only thing nrftw should do, is to communicate FROM THE VERY BEGINNING that this isn’t a hoarding simulator.

Also item rarity should be visible so that you might want to hang on to it, just in case.

A better description for what this item is actually used for would also be nice, like this is used to upgrade bows, light armor etc. this makes it easier to discern which items you actually need instead of fomo’ing yourself to death by inventory management^^

this is kinda like learning how to play a souls game for the first time, just with limiting inventory space.


Very balanced take, upvote this please.

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I agree, i dont understand how people want to hoard every possible item while exploring and not make any sacrifices.

Competitive players already abusing New Realms and obrtain ichor for more inventory slots. because o f100% drop rate. But i dont mind.

Yeah idk man I like hoarding in video games and I would like lots of space(not like infinite) to put stuff in without chests making my house look ugly. I get what you are saying.

Even if they kept the current inventory management with very limited space I would still hoard but put tons of chests all over my house thats just how I play :smile:. Managing that would be very boring so I hope we get chests with way bigger inventory space.

I don’t mind player inventory being limited at all.


When you give people loot and chests, people will hoard.

Trying to tell people “Not to hoard” isn’t going to work, you’d need to remove housing and chests for that, and that won’t happen.

If you give people houses and chests they will fill their house with chests to contain the hoard, it will happen, nothing anyone can do about that.

So the issue isn’t about hoarding it’s about maintaining the hoarded items and dissuading players from filling their houses with chests.

Player inventory should be limited yes, you shouldn’t be able to carry around infinite items, and I quite like the player inventory capacity as it is currently.

However, I do think that storage in your house needs a vast improvement because if it doesn’t player houses will just become chest rooms.

The thing with chest rooms is that you fill them with chests so it makes adding decoration less incentivising because it will use up chest area.

What they need is chests that store larger stacks of items, so the player can only hold 20 per stack, but the chest can hold 100+ per stack, then this allows the player to have enough chests for the hoard of items, whilst also allowing for decoration.

A chest that increases the item stack to infinite inside the player house I don’t think is such a bad thing.

On the opposite side of the coin, people who don’t hoard could end up having infinite money because they sell everything all the time instead of hoarding it and thus can just buy all the basic materials and don’t need to hoard, then we get in the argument of not selling crafting materials, or money caps, etc.

The lesser of all evils here is just make chests increase stack sizes, bigger chests have more slots and higher stack sizes for items.


ok, but for example : if I want to farm and stock a lot of food because every time I fight a boss I loose my food and I don’t want to interrupt my fights and have to go farm. I mean storage is not just confort, in my opinion it allows players to play the game the way they want to. You can’t make a game and say so you have many possibilities for builds, many objects to craft and ressources to collect, play as you want BUT there’s one way for storage and it’s limited…

hahahah, i would never bother and think: “goddamn what a pain in the ass! What is the least amount of items i need that would make me barely survive ^^”, and then most of the time i just toss everything else. and when there’s something else I need, i just try to remember it. Like a mental shopping list^^

The problem is that the game deliberately encourages you to hoard with its systems. And being told not to pick up shinies just feels bad as a player. Most of us enjoy the gathering aspect of the game, we just wish inventory management at home and between vendors/workstations were more user friendly and convenient, that’s all.

I made several suggestions in another thread on how inventory management could be improved while keeping the same kind of vision initially set out in the game.

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I am not a fan of “use it or lose it.”

I’m not demanding infinite storage space, how about just some bigger stacks? 20 is low. The game throws a LOT of loot at you. Come on.

So here’s the thing…

No one knows what they need.

I have a half dozen or so different skulls that are “used in crafting or upgrading armor”. Will these skulls craft or upgrade armor I intend to use or not? Who knows.


How many apples, berries, etc did I throw away early levels because I didn’t know what recipes they’d be used it.

How many people destroyed a bear paw not realizing what a precious resource it is? How many know how precious a bear paw is and so they are sure to hold every turkey foot, boar foot, etc they come across?

It’s hard to say the game isn’t about hoarding when it has dozens of different crafting items with no indication what they are for.

Moreover the game has enough base ingredients that hoarding is mandated:


Beautiful response and spot on — OP is not thinking clearly, the storage system is absolutely abysmal but I’m optimistic Moon will fix it. I suggested in a separate post for them to have a community chest inside your house where you can buy tabs for it via questing/materials. That way, you have one single chest with tabs. Pretty simple, cannot think of a better way to do it.


I freely admit it, I am a hoarder, a total and complete hoarder…I must keep everything because some day will come along and I might need it or I might need two of them or three of them…

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you could’ve written that just without that line, then it would’ve been a perfect response :wink:

i was thinking of a solution where you could buy storage directly at the merchants (1s/10s/50s/1g for 1/2/3/4 row(s) and only ores and ingot for smithy, runes and gems for enchanter, etc), somewhere in my other post, so I’m not really against an overhaul.

I just got into a different kind of thinking about loot, and that there is a line where there is an intention or vision people don’t want to see.

And my way of thinking was: “hey wait a minute, maybe the way it currently is, is a good thing. we just don’t know it yet and have to get accustomed to it”

And that is a weird spot to be in: to go against your feeling and accept the design decision and work with that. How does one factor that in?

The more people feeling strongly about this the more it will change, even if it would’ve taken just a little time of adjustment. and that, to me, is an interesting power dynamic…

Let’s just hope the crafting system will be worth it, haha

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