Here are a couple of suggestions after more than 20 hours of gameplay

I don’t normally play games in Early Access, but I bought NRFTW as it was at a good price, thought I would play an hour or two and then wait for the full release. I got hooked in badly. I am so loving it!

A couple of suggestions, more on the theme/story side, rather then technical.

The area where Gordon the chef is found, in the Shallows, would ideally be closed off at the beginning of the game, as it doesn’t make sense storywise, since the bridge is already broken and he’s not there at the beginning of the game.

I believe food should be changed to potions. Eating a steak in less than a second and healing up in a second doesn’t make much sense thematically. It would make more sense to eat food outside combat, heal over time and perhaps gives the character a buff, as most already does.

The Ichor should upgrade the character in a more significant way than increasing inventory and equipping more items. It feels very disconnected from the theme and the lore.

Thanks Moon Studios for this incredible game. Great time for fantasy games. :slight_smile:

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Agreed with everything but the chef, its a minor thing really, he problably got there and the wood bridge broke, hes fat afterall. Theres a wood bridge there later in the game when you kill some bosses and the area changes.
They should change the food, agreed, buffs and overtime heal is better, but then they should add healing potions but with a timer too, i think every potion should have a cooldown, even the focus ones.
Yes, the ichor, makes no sense, drinking blood for inventory space is not good, the devs said they will add a skilltree, they should really think about what the ichor can give, because people will just farm ichor making new realms and killing Worrick over and over again, as they do now without becoming very powerful since ichor gives nothing to change that.

Yes the Chef got there and THEN the bridge broke, but he’s nowhere to be seen at the beginning. I mean he’s a big dude and there’s nowhere to hide. The bridge is already broken, so he should be there to start with. Or the bridge should be intact at the beginnign and then later it’s found destroyed.