Healing & Bossfights

I think this is a problem that needs addressing very quickly, other than the performance issues, of course. Since the only source of healing in the game is eating food, this makes boss fights especially difficult, since dying basically removes all the healing items you’ve used in that boss fight, making the next attempt that much harder. I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. I don’t find this fun or clever in any way. All this does is make the player panic and not want to waste their healing, as well as any other item. It also makes the game feel and look very grindy because the player would need to go back and grind on lower-level enemies in order to get money/resources to cook more food.


Agreed, and also the fact that for some reason healing consumables have cooldown??? Its the first time i see that on a soulslike game, the only thing that does is give a number of unnecesary deaths, either give me a refilable healing source and give it a cooldown, or let me spam my hard earned/grinded food, it just doesnt make any sense to me

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Not to mention that on Steam Deck, the healing button is unresponsive even when not on cooldown and you have to spam the button multiple times and then go into a geriatric fumbling motion to heal when it finally goes off.


100% an issue that is also persistent in the PC version of No Rest for the Wicked…(im on a xbox controller) I’m guessing that probably ties in with the performance issue as well though.


This is supposed to be partially addressed through upgrading the inn but i have found that the sleeping/healing looks broken. You’re also supposed to be receive a buff from logging out in a bed when you log back in but thats broken too

  • agreed that current system disincentives trying hard content, as you run out of healing items
  • I’m on pc with 8bitdo controller and it also seems unresponsive sometimes, so I now triple click the dpad to activate the food. Annoying, but seems reliable so far
  • cooldown is ok IMHO, a person can only eat so much per minute in real life too :sweat_smile:
  • cooldown make you more careful after eating, which is the playstyle they want to incentivize, so I’m ok with it from that perspective too
  • cooldown makes sense in the context that you technically can carry many (50, 99, even more) foods, so if you could spam them you’d become invisible except for 1-shots

Solutions that seem sensible in my eyes:

  • you always spawn with at least 3 mushroom soup (or equivalent), or a mechanic where each whisper has 3 healing consumables ready for the picking after death
    -Estus flask could be introduced, and food can be changed into giving non-healing boons

What do you think would work well, and why?

I do not have an issue with healing.

  • There are stronger foods you can make.
  • There are even Runes you can buy immediately from Eleanor that you can make.
  • There are enchantments that give you Health on dealing damage.

There are other ways of getting around it.

TLDR: Healing needs work. I love the game and think it just needs some attention in certain areas.

I am even further into the “give us a base refillable healing item with food as supplemental healing” camp, especially when it comes to dungeons. In the sewer, the final boss is multi-stage. I could use healing items to try to get through but since I don’t know his second move set, I don’t want to heal since I have no way to get more food. Also if I go and grind for food items I can’t use another whisper if I don’t want to run the entire dungeon again. I may be a bit under leveled in the sewers (just went from dangerous to moderate right before the boss) but still I have no interest in running the whole dungeon again. Although I may.

A refilling flask with 3 heals would be awesome. Then we would have the chance to really get into the boss fights without having to grind heals.

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