Healing (disclaimer: I don't mind the food crafting)

Hello everyone,

One thing about healing is crafting, which I don’t mind at all, but the second is the cooldown between uses. It makes especially the bossfights undynamic when I have to wait 15 seconds between each heal.
I farmed, I crafted, I prepared so let me use my healing as I please, It’s not fun at all to run over the arena like a complete dummy when I make a mistake and need to use two items to heal :smiley:

Theres a good reason why souls and souls-likes uses the healing charges (estus, gourd flask, etc.), but you go for self made or bought unrechargable food and that’s okay, but get rid of the anoying cooldown please :slight_smile:


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Maybe they can add in an affix on items reduced cooldown for healing and you can choose to have it.

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It is one way to do it indeed, but my point was that for all the hard work in getting the resources and spending my time with cooking milion pieces of food we should be able to use them as we please, you still have to calculate with animation that is long enough itself :smiley:
I would much rather see the limit of stacks of food I can bring with me, than the stupid cooldown :slight_smile:

I would agree with this. At a minimum, cooldowns should be much shorter if the devs are adamant about keeping them. But I agree with you, I’d prefer no cooldown on healing items. Seems unnecessary and breaks up the flow of combat, like you said.


Most games use 1 of 2 options.

  • no cooldown but limited charges
  • cooldown but unlimited charges

For this game I’m fine with the second because the game is relatively slow and tactical.

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i mean i wouldnt say “unlimited charges”. they do give more charges than with no cooldown tho, thats true.
lemme throw you a bone; no cooldown, but the animation time to heal is longer, how does that sound?

credit to JPthePirate for the idea,
i liked this a lot personally

There is no limit on how many time you can heal in a boss fight and you have planty of inventory to fill with food so yeah it is unlimited charges with a cooldown.

Removing the cooldown you would be able to spam food and stay alive.

i mean theres a cap to the food items you can carry, or am i missing something?

You have 35 inventory slots that you can fill with stacks of 20 a total of 700 charges practicaly unlimited.

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didnt know it could get to that level, my bad!
removing the cooldown and reducing the amount of healing items you can carry would be a healthy in between in my opinion. more close to a souls combat while not using the estus system 1 to 1.
and removing the cooldown wouldnt REEEAAALLY do that. you are still in the middle of a fight, and stuck in an animation that takes more time than currently

Maybe playing with the cooldown slightly reducing it would be a much easier and quick solution that can make most people happy. Because if you need to consume 2 food in a row to fill your hp you are most probably using a lower level food than what you should or you dont have bonus healing property in your gear. Heal fight heal is a good rotation. Heal, heal, heal, fight not that good.

Also I totaly agree food that give you 10 minutes buff should only give buffs and have no cooldown.