Healing system is tedious and off-putting

I got the first boss down to 10% health, but used all of my food and died. Unless I am missing something, this requires me to backtrack and find the one herb (that is nearly impossible to see to pick up) that is required in every food dish I can make. Instead I put the game down. This is tedious busywork that the game absolutely has not earned this early on.

In addition to this, say I have three clam chowders and three other food items. Once I have exhausted all of the chowders I have to go back into the inventory and equip the other food that does the exact same thing. This is impossible to do during combat because this is a single player game mode that does not pause because souls.

Equally as baffling is that you do not heal at the checkpoint/bonfires (can’t remember what the game calls them). It’s obvious that the game puts a premium on healing early on, but it makes me not want to play the game anymore.


FYI, you can quick select items using d-pad.

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i use controller but i’m sure this can be done via key board: hold up on dpad, use right stick to chose heal item to make the default.

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I’m sorry to say, but this is nonsense.

When you are 1-8, it takes a little grind to farm the surrounding area to get materials, but after 10+ hours, you are in such excess of healing items (food) that this problem you are talking about simply comes from a person who wants to swing the weapon, die and heal at respawn. That isn’t this game at all.

Put some thought behind it. Grind materials. Yes, it is that game.


I’m sorry to say it, but you don’t understand the point of feedback… You’re also being unnecessarily hostile.

If the point of the game is for me to grind materials for 10 minutes after every unsuccessful run at the first boss, that is fine. I don’t want to play that game. I was merely conveying that information. “Put some thought behind” your responses before you rush to defend your thing.

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Healing is an issue in the game, particularly for boss fights. Instead of healing at Whispers when you tag them, have a small, maybe 3 charge healing flask, that fills on death. That way when you are fighting a boss, like I was in the sewers and learning its patterns (multi stage bosses will exacerbate this issue) you don’t want to heal if your entire healing inventory will be lost. I could go to town, sell stuff and buy ingredients but you can’t on the first boss.

Regardless, I think a good solution could be:

  • A flask with 3 charges that refill ONLY upon death
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Theres a bunch of herbs everywhere and they also respawn. A tip for bosses to learn their pattern and don’t use any food until your able to get them to half health consistently. I disagree a flask isn’t food is abundant and theres a healing rune. I do think your health should be refilled when going back into town for QOL


In a dungeon the healing items are not so abundant, understandably. You do have the option to go to town to buy items to heal if you have funds but you also need funds to repair. Its a downward spiral.

I like the durability system. It is a good death penalty. I feel that a limited form of refillable healing (1-3 charges with a % healed - see my other topic for details) that only refills on death could be a tenable solution.

You seem to think this would break the game. I obviously don’t. Why would this break the game for you?

You have to stock up on food, potions, ect before heading into a new dangerous area. I’ve found plenty in dungeons and there is usually a camp fire or more to cook more food in them that you find. I’m not the best at souls like games and I have chest filled with food so I’m not seeing how have flasks does anything but make food irrelevant.


Fair enough. I do stock up on items and usually have plenty of food. Still have no ability to do any alchemy but I am also spending a huge amount of time exploring and town building.

I don’t want food to be irrelevant. I don’t think my idea would do that if implemented correctly but I get your concern.

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I felt the same way my first couple of hours as It took me 10+ attempts for the first boss until I stopped wasting my healing when he combo’d me to near death while he’s still at 95% and only used them when I thought I had a high chance of winning usually when the boss is half health

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Once people come to the crucible and aren’t that good, they have heal problems again.

That was me in a nutshell…
“Damn I am burning through healing, better stop for now”…
“Oh I can repair for free! Nice. Back to experimental death” …
“Okay I have him to 30-50% before dying. Time to heal.”…
“Don’t get greedy, roll hit roll hit, hit next time not roll, hit, hit, hit, hit…”…
“Ugly bug is dead. Good. Off to Sacrament…”

From my experience, getting healing items is only tedious at the beginning of the game. I am 26h in now, and I have more healing items than I can possibly use. You can also buy healing items from the cook.

The thing that needs improving is the cutting and mining speed. it is just too slow and there are too few resource nodes to cut/mine from. 3 swings with level 1 tools, 2 swings with level 2 tools, and 1 swing with level 3 tools would make the whole gathering system much better and wouldn’t feel like a chore.

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Or you are very easily offended. Did you expect to come in here, share your views, and have nobody disagree?

I am not hostile; I simply do not share your view.

If you believe “this is nonsense” and “put some thought behind it” are phrases that facilitate constructive discussion, I have to assume you are incredibly stupid and you are not worth engaging with further. Farewell.