Greatswords scaling Feedback

Why does all the greatswords i find asking me for STR+INT scaling and not only STR or even STR+DEX? Why a greatsword is asking me to be Intelligent when I just wanna swing that like a drunk monkey?
Only the Claymore is asking for strength, but thats Tier I. Everything i find at tier III is asking me that double scaling

Yeah i thought the same, i leveled up a second character to do some testing and be able to try dual stat weapons, double stat is so bad / too hard to scale, you are better off ignoring them and getting weapons that scale with 1 stat.

Claymore was the weapon i used through my 1st playthrough cuz the options are so limited, the only other option i found was the unique 2h from first boss, but it sucks because the move set is too damn slow and really no more damage than claymore, not to mention the rune abilities do less damage than for example throw on a claymore.

Why is one of the coolest 2h sword at endgame require 42 int??? like what? the problem is the lack of options at end game imo, i’ve gotten other 2 greatswords, 1 has no charged attacks the other just straight up sucks

The big hammers are fucking great cuz they have so much poise damage but they require STR + Int or faith or some other stat… why! faith?