Damage scaling on weapon

Sup, folks, 31 hours here.
21 lvl, 70 Dexterity.
And you know what? I feel like I don’t deal damage with my Jackknife which requires 42 dex(only).
I wish there was some balance. If I don’t have health, it means that I die from mobs or bosses practically from 1 hit. But at the same time, if I pump my damage to the max, pumping dex, it takes me to kill medium-sized enemies to do 7 pokes, and for large enemies pokes 15(I do not know exactly, maybe even more, but it feels that way). So that’s what I’m saying. Wouldn’t it be logical for my character to kill enemies at least twice faster?
Increase the damage scaling from the main stats, please

p.s I have bad English, I apologize.

So, you’re playing a build which is using a weapon that is very fast and does a lot of small attacks. Without some “… on damage dealt” gear I don’t think you can expect much. If you have 70 in dex, no wonder you have little else. I don’t think dumping everything into damage is the best move. Get more HP instead, it makes mistakes more forgiving. There’s also soft caps and what not. Experiment a bit with stat point allocation, look at what you’re getting. For example, stamina 19 doesn’t reward much.

no longer relevant, I realized that I can’t do much damage in the game. At some point the weapon sсale stopped going at all, even pumping 3 points of attribute gave me 0 damage to the weapon

These soft caps could be more clear but it’s a good thing because it allows for more exploration and more build variety. No point in dumping everything in one stat. You can create a very well rounded char to equip almost any weapon and use that to try out what you like then roll a new char and focus on that build more specifically. Think that’s a reasonable approach.