Good to haves - Issues and Improvements


I am LOVING the game, the immersion, animations, sound effects, voiceover and art are top notch!

Here are a few items from my almost 1 hour of playthrough:

  • Stutters happen, quite frequently, is it a shaders loading issue?
  • Performance needs to be polished, I’m playing on a 4080s on 4k locked on 60fps and it can’t maintain those across my gameplay, I get 30ish fps sometimes.
  • Would be nice to be able to customize graphics more deeply.
  • Include PS5 controller support or UI too, it’s only Xbox rnow.
  • Perhaps add armor types on items, like is this Armor Light-Medium-Heavy.
  • Work on a UI to list weapon runes and explain how they work (with a short video on the rune animation?).
  • Weapons and Armors Designs are empty.
  • I don’t understand the white and black rectangles on consumables.

Hope you keep on the good work! Looking forward to see the incoming patches and also DLSS support.

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