Give us objective markers for bounties

A problem I’ve noticed with bounties is trouble actually FINDING the bounty target. For example, I’ve gotten the ‘kill torn rats in orban glades’ bounty twice now, and both times I found and killed four rats, but was completely unable to find the fifth. It was frustrating, and I eventually had to drop the bounty - something I’ve ended up doing for even more bounties later on.

Giving us quest/objective markers on the map for bounty targets would solve this problem completely - but it could also make hunting bounties a bit boring. My solution would be to put objective circles on the map to show you where you should be looking for your target. This would make it so that when searching, you don’t end up wasting half an hour looking for your target in the completely wrong place.

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I just would make the spawn of the bounties a little bit more in the main areas of the instance where it is given.
Any marker would dumb down it again, and it really kills the exploration drive.

I both agree, and disagree.

If every individual enemy is marked on you map, then it definitely dumbs things down too much - but it is endlessly frustrating to search an area top to bottom, only to realize that the area you were searching doesn’t have a single target in it.

This could be solved by great big ‘search circles’ like I said, or by giving different parts of the different areas unique designations on the map, like ‘west mariner’s keep’ or ‘nameless pass quarry’. As is, some bounties already specify what part of the area you’re meant to be searching, but it can be hard to figure out where exactly that spot is supposed to be.

I don’t necessarily need a quest marker. Mostly it is in the description. BUT, what if on the ones that say kill crabs or whatever you get maybe a marker on the last two or last one? Because I can’t tell if it is bugged and I killed them all and it is not counting it, or I have one left somewhere where I can’t find it at all. My indicator circle has this little bit of space left so I assume there is one left on the west Mariner’s Keep but I can not for the life of me find it.