Bounties are boring and confusing

The quests don’t show the area to go, we have to read the specific location. The quests don’t tell an exact amounts of specific monsters to kill. I got the quest to kill rats and I killed a lot of them. Each time I killed one, the quest said “Update” but it never finished. It’s confusing, boring and frustrating.

That’s how I killed crabs in the fort.
It says kill in the western part, I ran around the entire fort three times - there are no more crabs, and the quest is active.

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There is a very small progress indicator near with “Update” message. Bounty description however doesn’t change until you finish bounty. Sad part there is no marks on map where to look for target. I can’t find last crab :frowning:

Yeah the crab daily is a bad example. I just skip it.

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Well, I think that’s a good thing that nothing is pinned on the map. It avoid players to just take the quest, go to the location, return the quest.

Here you have to read the quest (that devs have taken time to create) and force you to use your brain, to remember where you’ve been or how to get to that location. I think we mostly forget that part of quest due to game just giving you quest, where to go and sometime even fast travel to get to the PNJ to return the quest. At the end what do you remember of the quest you just made ? Nothing, you just moved your character, kill 2 boar and went back to get your reward, going on the next quest.

I’m pretty pleased they’ve made that choice for quest, that you have to think, you have to look, to try things, I think it’s far more rewarding to say “Yeah I found how to do it alone” or “I’ve found how it work by myself” instead of waiting for the game to just tell me where to go, what to do or how to do it.

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I usually find the last crab off the shores of the starting area, western portion, where you cross a plank, a cubby on the top right that has an ore vein, and ahead a ladder that leads up. Walk inside the middle section and voila, crab and a chest. Go up even further on the ladder and you’re back in the “main” area of the second zone. (Sorry forgot zone names!)

I think there are good bounties, and bounties which would be better as challenges. In general both systems need more variety, so hopefully the challenge-as-bounties will go away eventually.

For example the Chicken Knight and Wild Hunter are good bounties (though they could likely use more than one location as a repeatable bounty). There is a single distinctive hard enemy to kill, and no ambiguity as to what the objective is once you encounter it.

Killing rats/crabs/Tanith Mercenaries are bad bounties, these require killing a common enemy type that is present throughout an area, but only certain entities count for the bounty and are not distinguishable from the other enemies in the area. These could easily still exist as challenges to kill those enemy types, but do not work well on the bounty system.

bounties definitely needs some re-work, but the higher level design of not putting any marks on the map is good in my opinion. I’m enjoying more when I’m familiar with the levels in the game and I know where I can go. In fact, more narratives in the quest description could help resolve the issue.

I still recall in RDR2 you can save the prisoners from the wagons and sometimes the prisoner would tell you about places you can go robbing, it does not put a marker on your map and says ‘go there’ or kill this, rather, you need to find it on your own, if you don’t care about it enough you just skip it. It really helps build the immersion.

Really? I wish there where more. I find them simple and straighforward and pretty easy to do. Just wish the rewards where a little bit better.