Challenges and Bounties

It would be nice if we had a map marker for the general area for these. or at least have the map be more clear what zone you are hovering over with your mouse. Also, some sort of counter/tracker for the quests. Like 11/20 crabs killed or w/e. I swear I’ve killed 20+ of those crabs in the Mariner place and I have no idea when it will be completed


I agree a counter would be great. You have to kill them in the specific location. The one for the crabs is north of the shallows and in the general area where you saved the blacksmith earlier. They hide those suckers too. You got to search every little room and hole to find them. I think it was less than 10 I killed and completed it. Killing them in other areas does not count. A little skull will pop up on their head if they are the ones for the bounty.

Happy hunting!


there actually is a circular icon that fills in with each completion update window that pops up, but it’s so small i didn’t even notice it until it was almost full. i have not been able to find the last crab and it is frustrating since i am afraid i will lose progress on it if i switch to another bounty.