Bounties and Challenge Targets

I have seen several iterations of “kill X enemy with Y weapon” or “kill X enemy in Y place” in both Bounties and Challenges. However, sometimes I have no idea what I am supposed to be looking for. One I got today was “Kill 5 Risen Scoundrels with a Spear”. I probably have fought a Risen Scoundrel before, but have no idea what they look like or where to go and find them, made all the more confusing when enemy locations change after completing game events and areas.

An in-game bestiary or some kind of heading / enemy map location when giving quests of this nature would go a long way to making these quests less frustrating.

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As an additional note on these - sometimes there are not enough of ‘X’ (creatures) at Y (place) to complete the bounty during one time period.- which would be fine if you could have multiple bounties running, but you can only have one active bounty at a time.

There were not enough Crabs in Mariner’s Cove(?) for that bounty, and I end up wasting a fair amount of time trying to find the last two… I’m fairly certain I had killed them all.

Likewise for the plague rats/dogs in Orban(?)'s Glenn … or Dale…
The place just south of the front gate of Sanctuary. I needed 5, there were only 3- and I searched carefully.

I am 1000% all for a bestiary. Not even just for identifying enemies but maybe showing statistics about them such as drops, resistances and weaknesses, spawn rates and locations, even fun little side lore would be awesome. Defeat a certain amount to unlock new information about them