Give More Character Models If Possible

Not talking about faces, but bodies.
Hello, just tried the game and first thing I noticed is that the player character has a very weird anatomy, while a lot (tho not all) other characters are more human-looking. The female player model looks a little bi mote human-like, but arms and torso a still too long and legs are still too short.
I also noticed some other things like non-rebindable controls for KB&M and poor performance (however my PC is admittedly very old at this point) and how the whole game crashes alongside the ship in the intro, but those are being covered elsewhere already.
Is it possible to add more models for a player character? Or maybe have sliders for arms and legs (and possibly torso) size.
If I’m being completely honest, I think the player character looks ugly, both male and female, while some other characters don’t, so it’s not strictly an issue of artstyle, but this particular choice. I spend enough time being ugly in real life, I’d like not to in games.

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I think it’s part of the game/art design. I love it


Other characters look more human, as I said. I’d much prefer my PC to look like these other characters within the same art style.