Character Customization/Proportions

Hey there,

This game is seriously fun. If there’s anything I think is missing, it’s drip. My dude looks hideous which I think takes away from the game. Wicked is already getting inspiration from (Diablo/Souls Like), I think this would fit right in

Or at the very least give our character normal proportions. I still am not sure if a Cerim is supposed to be human or some kind of early Neanderthals type of creature.

Anyways, I’m still having fun with the game even without these things. Just a nitpick of mine. Thank you!

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If you don’t like the style and the art direction that the developers , artists went for no rest for the wicked, it just might be not for you.
The style resembles the incredible art of mike mignola, including the artistic proportions of the characters / npcs.

It is an art style and asking to change the art style is very pointless.

Hm i think i phrased my suggestion poorly. I have no issue with the art style at all. I think its amazing. I very specifically think only our main character looks off. All the npcs in the world look great and that ones that dont are not supposed to.

I don’t have a problem with the way main character looks. It’s just personal preference.

They dont have to get rid of our current appearance. Just adding more options.

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