General feedback (fast travel, upgrades, minimap)

I’ve been playing No Rest for the Wicked for a couple of hours and I’d like to suggest some improvements that could be really useful:

  • Fast travel: The ability to teleport to any whisper location would be a great time saver, especially compared to running back to Sacrament or the last whisper.

  • Crafting with chest items: Allowing players to use items stored in the chest for weapon upgrades and blacksmith crafting would be a nice convenience.

  • Upgrade previews: Showing the outcome of weapon and armor upgrades before spending materials would be very helpful for making informed decisions.

  • Minimap: A minimap would be beneficial for initial exploration, allowing players to navigate without constantly opening the main map.

Agree with fast travel and previews

My guess is that crafting at one point should happen in your home and not at the merchants, otherwis i would suggest being able to rent a container at the merchants themselves for progressively more coins ( 1s for 5 slots, then 10s for 10 , then 50s for 15 and 1 gold for 20 or sth)

  • ores and ingots at fillmore
  • runes and gems at eleanor
  • …etc

I don’t really think that a minimap would make sense.

  • firstly because you can’t really see the vertically in there
  • secondly because the map doesn’t change, so go explore! you gonna know the map by heart in a couple of visits anyways :wink: no minimap needed
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Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile: . For the minimap, maybe I would suggest the developers to add an option in the settings menu to enable or disable it.