Gathering and Crafting

Crafting system needs a lot of adjustments.

Money - crafting is heavy money dependent like in some MMO, even though there’s no specific way to earn money like finding rare valuables to sell. You’re basically just selling gear that you don’t use and materials for potions you can live without.
Leave money charges for vendor services and crafting on the vendor crafting tables, but things you craft on your own equipment - should be free of charge. This would make an actual distinction between your own equipment and that of town, and add motivation to actually equip your house with the crafting equipment.

Recipes - There should be ways to farm recipes, some creatures or places with higher drop chance, otherwise there’s no incentive to invest into your house, when you can build up the traders cheaper and get both better work stations and better recipes all at once.
Recipe description needs to be more specific - weapons only have name of crafted item, but you don’t really have idea what type it is.

Gathering - equipment needs to be available for craft and have modifiers like other gear.
There should be randomized chances to gather 1-x materials for everything like on some first tier resources, otherwise it’s pretty uninspiring and daunting when you need 10x Spruce wood, and you know that he only way to get it is to chop exactly 10 trees.

Work Stations - make it possible to upgrade personal crafting equipment with materials.

P.S. - also add a possibility to reset your stat points.

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