French prompts but the game is already set in English language

French ver. of “Press [button] to talk to this person” appears to some of the NPCs. But the game is set to English language.

Here is the link for the requested files for bug-sniping:

[Gofile - Your all-in-one storage solution](https://GoFile Link)


Just came here to post this as well. Everything was fine til I got to Sacrament, then button prompts turned to french I think. And the language is set to English already. Tried toggling between the two it didn’t do anything.

Oh and weirdly not on everything for me so far it’s the two NPCs after you walk through the gate, Ellsworth and Winnick.


I have the same problem, but it started before Sacrament. I also didn’t notice the problem before the first patch.


Lara was the first character I ran into who had this issue.


Also I have the same bug. It happens in Sacrament for the first time, when standing close to Speaker Lucian. Game is set to English, but I get French prompts. And yes , I can reproduce the bug.


I also encountered two guards Guard Conrad’s in Orban Glades, next to the whisper, that give French prompts. This is after I had visited Sacrament.


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I came here to mention this and add on to it, if you select Italian the prompt at the top of the screen is in German.
Seems theres a mismatch in localisation thats happening.


I had this happen also. But it didn’t happen until I got to Sacrament. And it was only certain NPCs, most stayed English.

This is a valuable observation, imho.

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Me too

With regards to @DaleSoul 's observation, I think this post is related:

Problems with Chinese Sinicization , 【Attached screenshot of the problem】 - Wicked Bug Reporting - No Rest For The Wicked

Same as Translation bugs when talking to a NPC in Sacrament

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Same with me.

System Info:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor (16CPUs), ~3.6GHz
DirectX 12
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super