Focus Regeneration value too low to be of any use

I enchanted a hat and got focus regeneration on it, I then added a chipped gem to add a second Focus Regeneration bonus. Despite doubling the effect, I could not see any difference with my focus bar at first, after a while I thought it had gone up by one pixel so I tested and sat there for a few minutes. I figure at the current rate it would take over an hour to refill my 155 focus.

The current values for Focus Regeneration are entirely unhelpful, at least on this lower level gear and need some serious buffing.


Noticed the same thing, thanks for posting about it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I was wondering how can you play a mage or a priest build if focus regeneration feels like it’s 0 per second. lol

I only have 1 character at the moment, going dex so I do melee combat 100% of the time. Don’t even know if an actual mage/priest kind of a character is possible.

I noticed the NPC sells focus potion that regens 100 focus so maybe mage/priest build characters are supposed to be using these potions all the time? Like buy 50-60 of them each time before going out of town.

I am 26h in and barely used the rune on my daggers. I also haven’t added any additional runes to my daggers because it feels pointless with this focus system. xD

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I wonder if there are alchemy recipes somewhere? You can buy an alchemy table but I haven’t bothered since I have no recipes. I have a good stock of focus potions that have dropped and never used them (shame on me for hording them) but that is because I don’t have a reliable way to replace them.

I think it would really help to have some focus bar when you spawn, especially if all ranged attacks require focus. Enough to do 1 or 2 minor things, not a full out nuke with 100 focus.

Anyway, some balancing around focus could really help.

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Definitely need to up the focus regeneration; I’ve gotten health regeneration on items and it is not bad.

BTW the alchemy vendor does sell focus potions and they are relatively cheap. However needing them all the time to be ranged/caster seems not great.

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Focus regeneration is bad and should be buffed. But gaining focus isn’t really that hard as you make it. There are couple of ways how to get focus. You can try to get a weapon with high focus gain on hit. You can use gems to get "gain % of focus on block/parry/damage etc. You also take some points into focus. And you can also make some hp + focus food, which is dirty cheap and you can spam your rune abilities with good uptime.


Hmmm… why haven’t I found the alchemist yet? I will have to look around

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Points into focus only increases the size of the pool,

They’re to the right of the junk vendor.

Meanwhile a single parry gives me 150 focus instantly… Focus Regeneration feels like it has an accidental decimal point in front of the regen value.

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Ya if you put points into focus and have topaz in weapons plus quartz in helmets you can keep casting as a caster and the higher you focus pool the more effective the 1-3% focus is on damage and regen is better when higher focus

+1 Feels like there’s a value mis-input.

Also get focus gain on all gear mine is at 56% now and it is making regeneration work better

didn’t work for me at all

I’m pretty sure focus regeneration is one of many affixes that is currently not working at all. Even with it on every piece of gear you do not passively generate focus as the affix implies you will. The same as health regeneration, +damage, +attack speed and probably a lot of others. I wouldn’t worry much about it now. Let them get it working as intended first and see what we’re looking like then.

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This is not working. I have the same complaint. I think they will fix it soon.