Focus Regeneration Not Working

I’ve been lucky enough to find a helmet with focus regeneration but it seems to be bugged as it’s not generating any, even the stat for focus generation is 0%


It IS working, it is just so slow it would take over an hour to refill your gauge.

Had the same experience, kind of worthless stat. It is only useful when you log off and the character goes to rest, and when you log back in the next day “free focus” I guess…

The only use I found for it was for low cost runes. I’m not sure which besides the heal aura have low cost, but that’s the only one that could be triggered with just 2 focus. But yeah, compared to many other ways of gaining focus, it is certainly the worst option.

yeah but i still think it should be buffed, i have some nice health + focus regen gloves i’d like to try out^^

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Am not sure how is that useful - this does not work even if logged off or logged and on bed.

Just wakeup from 10h “sleep” in the inn and the focus is still half-way.

In general no regeneration works, not even HP while you are sleep.

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Sorry, that was just an assumption that maybe at least while sleeping it works, but as it turns out it doesn’t… Really useless stat at the moment unfortunately.

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If you want to see this fixed you gotta vote for it. It’s the button next to the title on top :wink:

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We have both issues on our radar and are investigating. Thanks for the reports!