Female body limb proportions & idles?

If I’ve noticed correctly the female body type limb proportions seem to be the same as the ones used for the male body during gameplay and cutscenes which kind of ruins the more “eloquent” figure that female body type seems to have (in comparison to the more “brutish” male) when seen in the character creator screen.

In other words, female characters look like they are sharing the same skeleton with males for all/most animations in gameplay, cutscenes, inventory and main menu character select scene.

What I’m getting at is that I’d love it if playing with a female body type actually had a more different feeling of weight and overall movement (vanity-only). A different skeleton, different arm proportions (maybe 80 ~ 85% the male’s arms reach) and a bit different handling of weapons (maybe more body stress when carrying heavier ones like 2 handers).

At least a different and less “apish” idle for inventory and main menu would go a long way towards differentiating the two body types. Simple things like that for starters, that’s all.

Thanks for considering!

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I think the less they touch this topic the better.

This topic is something where a developer can only loose. :wink:

(I agree with you though)

Yeah the arms are really really long on a female body, especially when climbing ladders. Gives me some SCP monster vibes with how long they are :smiley:

If the arms could be shortened just a tiny bit (like 30%) it’d be perfect.

I’ve noticed this too!

Isometric view in a soulslike where you need to see the moveset of enemies and your character is more important than having lara croft figures. So its a matter of gameplay. Games like Diablo for instance dont suffer from that problem, you just need to watch for the whole body not the arms moving, or the weapons, just watch those bandits at the beach or in the prologue to know what the devs did to at least telegraph the attacks for us a little.

I can’t not see Lanky Kong when climbing ladders