Feedback on the first hour of the game

Just to have my own personal feedback thread, I’ll write here the stuff that went through my head as I played the game for the first time.

Before I got into the game, I thought it didn’t work at all as it took several minutes to launch. Audio was playing on a black screen and the animated logos at launch were laggy.
Creating my character was fine even though it appears a bit blurry and aliasing was visible. I didn’t quite understand how to start a game (I wish to play solo) and went into character creation as it was the only option available…

Then the game started.

FIrst, it looks amazing. The visuals are great, both cinematics and levels are immersive and beautiful.
Then I had some issues with cinematics being very laggy. I understand that every piece of video is not playing well, at least on my computer (1060 6GB, Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ddr4, HDD).
Audio is breaking sometimes, espcially in cinematics but in game as well. Apart from that, it played correctly.

The game felt very good to me, not too difficult and not too easy. The most challenging was walking on very narrow paths to get to some loot as the sticks on my Xbox series X controller seems to be hyper reactive to input with this game. I found out that the best way to engage in these was to be blunt about it, running in the general direction with almost no adjustment.

Some information are not always easy to find in the menus and UI.
For example, it took me some time to find the exp bar.
I also still don’t know where my total weight is displayed.
How putting some points in stats when leveling up influence your character feels a bit underwhelming. What I get from it is that most stats are only there to be able to equipe some gear and that’s all ?
I discovered effect on my stamina after putting points in this stat but couldn’t find a preview on how much it would improve. I saw in the background that when I chose to put points in weight management it showed percentage change, but it’s not really readable.

Because of other games, I often press LB or RB to run or perform actions, it pops me the quick inventory for social animation everytime, it got me confused.

A lot of people are complaining about durability and food, so far I didn’t notice any problem with those…

All in all, I had only very minor issues with the game. The most problematic is performance related. I had a great time and will continue playing and updating this thread if needed.

Keep up the good work, I was really hyped for this game and I am not disappointed. You’re doing a great job !

After a few more hours in, here is a bunch of stuff that happened :slight_smile:


  • I can sometimes go through the wall at the end of the roquerie staircase (running and jumping the end of the staircase made me go through the wall several times or jump on it)
  • I fell through the roof of some building while playing with jumping on roofs in town.
  • I already reported performance issues but Sacrament is the worst part for now. It takes a long time to load, to fast travel to, and I have massive drop of fps and sound/music breaking when I’m in town.


  • It would be clearer to have a short summary of the effect of the runes before buying it. Maybe I didn’t find it or the button I was supposed to press but I bought a bunch whithout knowing what it was.
  • Same with blueprints. I bought the “tongue snipper” for a hefty price, thinking it was a dagger. Turns out it’s an axe. Couldn’t figure that out from the name…


  • The game started automatically with french subtitles. I’m french but don’t really need the subs. Still it allowed me to notice language issues : half the PNJs interactions in town is offered in spanish, sometimes in other languages (rare occurence); some objects names are displayed iin other languages before picking them up (typically equipment loots).
  • There’s a typo in the diary which can be found in town, near the canal. I don’t remember the content but one sentence is written with “croise” when it should be “croire”. I was confused at first because they both exist in french but the meaning was off.

That’s pretty much all for now I believe. Just killed the sewer boss so maybe there will be other issues further ahead. I’ll keep posting here if needed.

Keep it up ! The game is really enjoyable !

Quick update as I am currently playing the game :

Trying to walk along the ledge here results either in falling out of the blue to your death or getting stuck in the wall (as in the picture) forcing you to relaunch the game.

Also I’ve upgraded or rather rebuilt the INN and the flowers (the yellow ones at the windows and around the inn) are falling into ground before popping up again in a glitchy manner (and in an endless loop). Again on the newly rebuilt Inn, when standing in front of the door the prompt reads “No hint for location” or something like that instead of displaying the press button feedback.

Lastly I’d like to rethink the town-loading, performance breaking, problem. It seems, as I left the game while in town last time I played, that it loads up quite faster than before, whereas all other areas are longer to load (fast travel is slower too from the town to outer region). Quite the opposite of what I had last time when I left the game outside of town.
So I guess it is related to save state or “what your computer loads first is always better perfomance-wise compared to everything else” ?

So this keeps happening, loading the zone takes a long time. Collision is on but no visual. Happens everytime I go out of town, no matter in which zone.

-Today, had the bug with the cranes not going full rotation in the mines. Had to glitch my way to the end of the zone, very tedious. Also there’s a cave at some point in the mines (left part of the level with the crane not working, above the bridge you encounter at the start of the level) that looks just like a cave you can go into but when you do your character disappears into darkness, camera not moving at all, and there’s nothing there. Is that normal?

-Pretty sure I had a bug with the town restauration system where I gave half the materials required (all of wood but no copper) and then confirmed the give away. It made the task disappear as if it was going to be built. Then it was not available for a while but no change at all (it was the furniture marchant upgrade). After some time it came back on and I had to give all the materials again to upgrade it.

-I understood today that sound is breaking when something is loaded by the game.

-The invisible paths for the potion merchant quest is a bit difficult to follow as perspective doesn’t always allow to jump in the right direction (well, you think it is but you fall to your death). My deathcount went up very fast on this part.

-I don’t get the dailies and weekly challenges. I try to complete some but loose a lot of time searching for the target and never finds it or I kill X enemies but it is never complete. There’s something I don’t get. Rewards are not that interesting compared to the difficulty of some tasks. Destroying challenge upon cancelling the task is kind of annoying. Anyway I decided I will not engage too much with this through the game.

  • The infested soldier in the council room (which reads “war room” in english, as displayed when you stand in front of the door, even with french language activated) can make you merge with furniture when he does the double charge attack. On my first try he stuck me against a fallen chair and i got locked in while he comboed me. Kind of annoying. Gave him a taste of his own medecine turning around the sets of stairs and making him charge into the wall so he could not get close or damage me while I arrowed him to his death.

  • I might have forgotten some minor stuff but all in all I enjoyed quite a bit of the game today. Started playing with runes and infusions and found some pretty good stuff !

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