Feedback on the first 3 hours of gameplay

Okay so far I played for about 3 hours, exploring the map before the first boss. I’ll write what I felt as I started the game.

First off, I am a laptop gamer and the specs are Ryzen 7 6800H, 16gb RAM, RTX 3060 6gb, 1TB SSD (I read the forums and it seems that installing NRtfW in SSD is recommended) so crashing wasn’t a case at all in the initial hours.

It started off with the intros with the audio syncing without any crashes. So as I landed in the main menu, I straightaway navigated to settings, unfortunately to see, there was no key remapping.
I am a K&M player and I was hoping to set my controls as per my convenience but the default settings were unbearable (parry is set to middle mouse). The alternative scheme wasn’t much help either. So that was my first shock.

The other settings were okay. The option to set transparency for the UI is good.

Character customization can have some more options. The UI for hairstyles can be normal instead of a bar, it looks weird. The art style is quite unique but I still think the males can have better looks?

The visuals look really good. It’s immersive and beautiful. Since it was our first time playing the game, I didn’t check to see if the cutscene can be paused as I was afraid it would get skipped. But I do hope you guys will add the Cutscene Pause or Skip feature (If it’s there already, my bad but MGSVtPP has that option). Apart for some lags and audio breaks, it played perfectly.

There are other players complaining about it but maybe an option can be given in game where the difficulty can be adjusted so that everyone’s happy (Ex - Ringing demon bell and charmless in Sekiro, equipping Shabriri’s woe talisman in Elden Ring).

As for the gameplay, since I was playing with K&M, the first thing that caught me was the cursor being visible throughout the game. I later found out it was like Dota, LoL where the cursor is helpful for redirecting our attacks by clicking on that direction but the cursor was the default Windows cursor so it was really irritating. Maybe add an ingame cursor to blend in the art style for better immersion?

I haven’t really used all the weapons yet but some of the swords have really simple weapon arts. The animation montages of all weapons are excellent but kind of a bummer when it comes to the special moves.

There are a lot of menus and its confusing to press several keys to navigate to 2 separate menus of settings and inventory, maps etc. It’s a suggestion since there were players mentioning about the game being unpausable and how to exit, so here’s what can be done:
Make a pausable menu with Resume, Settings and Exit Game as the options.
Make an unpausable menu with inventory, status, map etc.
Kinda like Hollow Knight :slight_smile:

Inventory Management needs some organization. It was like going through a wardrobe full of messy clothes to get one thing.
Weapons and equipment should be kept separate entirely. It was time consuming seeing every single piece was randomly placed.
Inventory limit can be increased overall as this becomes a major setback late game when you want to randomly collect stuff and have to end tossing stuff half the time.

NPC interactions radius can be bigger. I was having trouble adjusting the player in front of the NPC just so that I can see the “Press E to talk” come up. While buying stuff from the blacksmith, there weren’t much indications that it was bought, so players ended up buying duplicates of recipes.

I am not sure if Camera Movement would be a thing but I guess adding some freedom to adjust the cam while in combat would be a plus. If you guys are planning to add a Photo Mode as well, that’s even better!

But in the end, the wait was worth. I was waiting for a release from Moon Studios and this might just be another banger like Ori. Keep up the great work guys! Love the game already. You’re doing really good!

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