Feedback from steam

TLDR: game is beautiful, but the devs tried to do too much.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own.

Not really sure what you guys intended this game to be. It doesn’t really do anything well, other than look good. I’m assuming you guys wanted to make an rpg.


  1. Combat is pretty lackluster, it’s essentially top down, dark souls. Devs should have either picked a Diablo combat style or a dark souls combat style. Their decision to try to make a hybrid doesn’t really play out.

  2. Inventory management, is ridiculous. Even if you can unlock 5 slots per, ichor. It’s just not worth it. Feels like the devs decided to add a survival aspect, at the last minute.

  3. World is beautiful, yet you’re discouraged from exploring due to inventory management.

  4. Weapon choices are not great. The most viable are daggers and short swords. The claymores are a clunky mess. Haven’t tried out spells yet, will edit once I test them later.

  5. Daily and weekly quests. Breaks the immersion, they should have just stuck with side quests and story quests. The daily log in makes it feel like any other generic mmo.

  6. Enemies don’t respawn unless you progress the game. Makes the world dead and empty, once you kill everything.

  7. Whisper(bonfire). Don’t heal you, you have to go forage for ingredients, and cook, if you want to heal. Is this a survival game or a rpg?


  1. World is beautiful, tons of places to explore.

  2. Story is pretty original.

  3. Art style is essentially a 3d battle chasers.

All and all the devs have something potentially awesome on their hands, if they fine tune it. I understand it’s early access, but they really should have tested out a lot of these concepts with a QA team, before releasing this version to the public.