Feedback / Dislikes / Request

Nice to have

  • Possibility to teleport to any whisper.

  • Having the dummies showing the hit numbers to test builds.

  • A better description of what each attribute does. For example how does the scaling of weapons work when they are INTELLIGENCE based? Does more INTELLIGENCE also make the base weapon attack higher?

  • Toggle Stick when placing furniture.

  • Buy back items if you sold something by mistake.


  • I don’t like the idea of using the “blood potions” from enemies to unlock more inventory slots is a bad idea in my opinion. This problem goes away as soon as we unlock the house but until then hoarders like me have to sell discard stuff;

  • Enemies camping the edges of platforms when we are supposed to jump there;

  • Selling house sign to close of the door;

  • Slide/Doors, most of the times when I want to check doors if they open the character goes into slide state instead of opening the door, this happens a lot when entering at home.

  • Animated HP bar animation looks weird to me, looks like I’m poisoned or something like that.

Ps: Thank you for making me enjoy a game once again.