Feedback and suggestions, please dont make the same mistakes

Quality Artistic Direction/Gameplay

These aspects are truly well-executed, but don’t make the same mistake as Bloodborne by marring this incredible artistic direction and gameplay with a tedious healing item farming system.

Weapon/Equipment Durability System

This system should be removed as it provides no benefit in terms of gameplay. Having to constantly repair or replace weapons/equipment disrupts the flow and takes away enjoyment. If you insist on keeping it, increase durability with each upgrade.

Limited Inventory

In a game that encourages exploration, having a limited inventory is counterproductive. You quickly find yourself going back and forth to free up space instead of freely exploring. A larger inventory, especially for crafting resources, would allow more enjoyment.

Difficult Respec

In a game with random loot, easy stat respeccing would prevent being stuck with a bad build that stops you from using an interesting newly-looted weapon. It would give more freedom to experiment with different playstyles. Implementing an easy respec option, perhaps even allowing a trial window to test out a weapon before committing into it.

Ore Refining/Construction

The refining and especially construction timers are far too long, completely breaking immersion. No one wants to wait 4 hours in real-time for a simple workshop upgrade. These delays should be reduced or removed to maintain a pleasant gameplay pace.

Action Prompts

Situations with multiple conflicting action prompts (taking an item, talking, etc.) can easily lead to unintended choices. Implement a dedicated toggle input to cycle between available actions during these moments would be great.

Equipment Load Stat

Constantly having to upgrade this stat to wear proper gear is tedious. Tying it to vitality/endurance would be much smarter: the sturdier you are, the more you can carry.

Weapon Scaling

All weapons should have at least dual scaling.

Post-Knockdown I-Frames

Getting pummeled defenseless after a knockdown is very frustrating. Adding a few seconds of I-frames to get back up would be a fair adjustment.

Daily Missions

These calendar-dictated mechanics have no place in this type of game. They encourage compulsive obligation over genuine engagement and will not motivate anyone to return. Focus instead on quality, sustainable content.

Sekiro-Style Parry

Adding a reactive parry system like Sekiro’s would make combat even more dynamic and skillful.

Melee Archery

Allowing the bow to be used as a melee weapon in addition to ranged would bring a fun gameplay option for close-quarters combat.

Resource Farming System

The current resource farming systems like wood, ore, etc. are dull chores that bring no satisfaction - at best busy work, at worst immersion-breaking tedium. Completely rework these systems or remove them entirely.

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