Feedback after first session

So far I have had a blast playing. Was about to go for first boss, but ended up finding a massive hidden cave and ran around there.

I have tried 5 different weapon types and of them Gnarled Staff was perhaps the only underwhelming one. The charged up fireball does less damage than firethrow with climbers pick (or so it felt).

I didn’t have any problem equipment decay on death and frequently just repaired if I had died a lot.

I died a lot because I keep dashing off ledges. Probably the only gripe I have is how difficult it is to traverse at times. I keep thinking I am going to run but instead I seem to climb a tiny obstacle then dodge right off the edge on the opposite side. Difficult to judge heights due to camera angles. And I have had a few instances of just falling off terrain when standing on edges. I also found a place I can swim right off the map through a gap in the terrain.

The super tough warden like tall creatures in the forest hits like trucks but they also managed to grab my character mid dodge and had me dangling quite a ways away from their model when smashing me back and forth in the ground which lead to some nauseating camera movement.

All in all really fun though!

I feel you, my most frustrating moments are running on the backsides of locations and diving off into the water and dying lol. Charged spells are hard to utilize, the enemies are so quick dashing in or lobbing grendaes. I’ve also bee playing pretty heavy armor so I’m probably not meant to dodge in those circumstances. Over time we will get a better feel!