Feedback after a weekend of nrftw

Overall I really like the game, the graphics style great, the animations are wonderful and the mix of “soulslike” combat in an arpg really hits a spot.

But being early access, there a some rough spots at the moment:

  • opening difficulty
    The game is much harder in the beginning than it’s later on. After you reach the city the difficulty drops down to a better level than before, at least it did for me.

  • weapons of choice
    Give the smith in the beginning a collection of weapons to sell for cheap, so players can choose how to play less dependent on drop luck

  • stat reset
    Not being able to respec takes away the ability to make use of weapons and gear you find later on. If you’re unlucky with weapon drops in the beginning you might tend to use your statpoints for one weapon while you’d rather play a different playstyle.

  • inventory cluttering
    There are so many different crafting materials and consumables that the inventory gets cluttered fast. Storage design adds to that. My suggestion would be to combine all storage into one interface, expandable by putting down more storage space in the house. Give us a sort option in storage, there’s already one in the characters inventory. Let us craft out of storage.