Fall Damage Ring?

As many people have commented, the fall damage on this game is far too high, especially when the game is unable to detect when the character wants to jump accurately enough.

For reference, I’m playing with a controller and I know for a fact I’ve died more to the game not recognising my jump than any boss.

It’d be amazing to have a fall damage mitigation ring added at the bare minimum (would be a lot more useful than endless climbing).


I think this is a great idea. Something along the lines of a 50% reduction would be good. That’s a ring that would actually give you an interesting choice when you know you’ll be fighting in tricky areas.

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I also think that fall dmg is too high and needs an overhaul… However, the tricky part is probably that some aras could become accessible before the plot intends to allow it, with too low fall dmg.

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Overhaul for sure. Maybe a stacking idea where the more you do it more often the more damage it causes. So you could allow people to drop once from really high but receive near death damage (1hp guaranteed regardless of armor and health). If you do it again…death. Maybe allow this 2 times or 3 all up to the Devs but I think letting us get that first initial “oops” without death would be nice. Do it again in the next 10minutes(Dev choice) you die.

Furthermore the idea being if you are set on fire or poisoned you may want to think twice about dropping off that ledge due to DOT.

I agree as this was demonstrated in a post about skipping the Gate to Orban Glades by dropping off the backside of Mariner’s Keep.

I agree with the ring, would be nice, but i see no problem with the fall damage, if you have at least 30 in the health stat you can survive a lot of damage from falling, its fine by me, and the auto jump too since the game is isometric it would be way harder to predict distances to jump manually.

I would like to see a fall damage ring that prevents all fall damage if you fall to a certain amount of distance, like in Dark Souls 2. I think that would be really fun. it would also allow for good secrets to be placed in areas not so easily reachable.