Enemy AI and scenario

I loved the way combat goes, turning it somehow difficult even against weaker enemies, but they are still easy to exploit due to terrain.
If the enemies’ combat strategy were more randomized it would be much better and if AI be used it’d optimal. This game is combat, is manage your stats. It should be hard to get the enemies’ pattern or impossible? (AI)

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Eventually everything should be easy for a player that learns and adapts. We simply can’t expect PvP levels of difficulty from basic NPC’s we are meant to defeat thousands of times to provide us with loot to upgrade and progress.

PvP will be what makes this game hard and future bosses we simply have no knowledge of. I enjoy how hard the game is at first and becomes easy and even somewhat fun once you master it all as a game should be.

I’d much rather not see a game ALWAYS be hard regardless of skill and progress. As much as I enjoy a challenge, I don’t want every aspect of every fight to be a draining experience of learning 500 different attack possibilities for the sake of diversity of play.

Everyone should eventually be able to make previous enemies easy to kill.

If anything, a longer Time to Kill for enemies could be a good thing for late/end-game but again, rewards would have to increase per enemy too due to the time spent fighting enemies with a longer time to kill.

So again, it all has to become easy(er) eventually. How quick it becomes easy is dependent on your skill and determination.

And I’m tired so I hope this makes sense.

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Actually an interesting approach, for different reasons:

  • Would be nice, to see enemies utilize strategy more over attack patterns.
  • If enemy behaviour is unpredictable or adaptive, the difficulty has to be adjusted accordingly, leading to a lower gap between new and experienced players.
  • Also, the learning curve would change, because you have to learn the enemy attacks (and potentially AI logic) but not necessarily attack patterns.
  • Would change the weight of which skills are important towards adaptation and well rounded builds in contrast to execution and streamlined builds, Actually I’d personally like that shift a lot
  • Could enable random enemy “personas” within the same enemy type, if the distribution of chosen actions is randomized
  • Would also potentially make it easier to add new moves to existing enemies, when each move has its own logic, instead of being part of patterns.

Thanks for sharing! :pray:

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Great discussion :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t mean that enemies must be too hard to beat, but they must always represent a challenge even if they die with one hit, this is the flow. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be like in diablo, poe or similars where in one point you kill dozens mobs with an aoe, but this is a matter of choice from the dev team.


Very interesting topic! :ok_hand:

That‘s a great philosophy! Unpredictability or sth similar certainly would hell with that a lot! Otherwise you simply have to tune up numbers, which isn‘t very interesting…

Yeah, wouldn‘t want that either.

I like the amount of enemies as it is, but i don‘t think they want to go in that direction, so nothing to be scared off :smiling_face:

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