Boss and enemies AI too easy to manipulate and predictable (with video)


I have no idea how far the team is trying to go on the Souls like road, but right now there’s a big issue with how their AI choose which combo to use.

The sewer boss for example ALWAYS launch a specific attack if you’re far enough from him, making it a really easy way to cheese him by parrying this attack, use runic power and get far away.

Link to boss fight on youtube

This applies to EVERY enemy in the game, there’s no mix up, no feint, once an enemy starts a combo, they go all the way and you can’t interrupt them.

Once you see it, the combat system crumbles and becomes as tedious as cutting trees (HP bar on trees ? no thanks).

What makes Souls games bosses great and memorable is the fact that it feels like you’re actually fighting something, not just reacting to combo and attacking between patterns. They mix up their attack, can stop a combo if you’re too far away and so on.

I understand it is your first attempt at something like that and that’s why I believe there’s still room for improvements.

I have a lot of issues with the game, I’m definetly not a fan of a stats level up system tied to a random loot WITHOUT any mean to respec your stats.

You said on discord I believe this makes our choices more meaningful, but we don’t chooose anything, we pick up something, get the required stat and are stuck with that choice.

To be honest I was so disapointed on EA Launch I was ready to give up, seeing how fast you went back on the items breaking and so forth makes me hopeful. Thanks for that and good luck.