Some thoughts on combat in general

Just finished the first boss and started to explore Scara and the nearby area.

Here are some thoughts about the combat experience I had so far:

The first boss feels ok, I beat him with parrying-then-rune-attack style, a standard “turn-based” combat. But the normal enemies wear me out.

The major issue is the inconsistency between the boss and the mobs. I can paralyze the boss with a single successful parry however some mobs only take stance damage and the parrying cannot stop the enemy’s attack.
And some enemies are just impossible to counter, such as the wolves.

I suggest some reconsideration on how parrying influences each type of enemy, the make sure the results are consistent. Please revise some of the monster’s attack, I mean wolves.

Also, parrying feels very different between shields and other weapons such as great sword, I understand that you want to highlight the shield in parrying but other weapons’s parry just feels too difficult compared to shield.

On the other hand, compared to parrying, roll dodge and tackle are so underwhelming becuase the cost and gain. roll dodge some consecutive attacks is almost impossible for some enemies, such as the tall guy with really long hammer before the first boss. And tackle is just not fun enough, the stamina cost is just too high.

Maybe tackle can be a sepcial type of parry?

I think the weight system has its potential but needs some reconsideration. First of all, the investment for increase the maximum weight is just too much. I now have 20 stats on weight but still at “heavy” with the gears that I found so far.

I thought I cound go on but I guess this is it. In general the game really exhausted me though I defeat the first boss rather smoothly. The game definitely has its potential but I think some systematical review on the current combat experience is needed. Thank you for your hardworking so far.

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I’m agreed with all is detailed here at 100 % !! Thanks Fortunelance !
Also, i would like to add that, going back to the city every time you want to repair your equipment, is decreasing the user’s experience. This is really bad.